This is the story of England's most violent prisoner. Nicolas Winding Refn gives us a stylised version of one of the most bizarre and intoxicating crime stories in recent history. Personally, I think this is one of Tom Hardy's best performances to date. He portrays a character that at times seems deeply intellectual, and yet at a flick-of-a-switch, Hardy (as Bronson) moves into full on beast mode, and attacks anything in his way with pure brutality and violence. Its definitely a must-see performance in my opinion.
Entertainment One asked us to redesign a series of catalogue titles, which would be released as Limited Edition Steelbooks.  I jumped at the opportunity to work on this underrated gem. I simply had to focus on one of my favourite scenes from the film with Hardy as the manic and perplexing Charlie Bronson.
​​​​​​​Designed at Oink Creative.
Published in Posterspy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection, available to buy here.


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